Prescott Niles

Prescott Niles had the privilege to have been born in New York City.

His childhood dreams revolved around the world of baseball. His goal was to play shortstop for The New York Yankees. Prescott had a natural gift for the game.

As a boy, his house was filled with music – Ricky Nelson, Bobby Darin, Bill Haley, and The Ronettes. After “The Beatles took the stage on The Ed Sullivan Show his life was changed and sealed his fate as a musician. Music, fashion and the culture of the 60’s were changing the world, and Prescott was not only there to witness it, but also to partake in it’s many blessings.

Prescott’s bass playing was inspired by the music and bands from the British Invasion, the music of Motown, the California sound of the Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane and the omnipresent spirit of the times.

He started playing the bass guitar as a teenager, picking up quick lessons with his friends or whoever happened to know any Beatles, Stones, or Yardbirds songs. After a serendipitous family trip to California, Prescott knew that music was his sole passion and the destiny that awaited him. His father was wise enough to know that Prescott was serious about his new path and helped purchase his beloved 1962 Fender Precision Bass which he still plays to this day.

His bass playing talents soon became evident to many neighborhood musicians and soon Prescott was sought after by many name bands in Brooklyn.  A fateful meeting with a singer guitarist named Velvert Turner, was a turning point in his musical career. After auditioning Velvert for a Blues Band that Prescott was in, Velvert shared that he knew Jimi Hendrix, and that Hendrix was interested in backing a band that Velvert had put together. As a result Prescott not only met Jimi Hendrix but also jammed with him at the famous club, Ungano’s in Manhattan. After Jimi Hendrix died, Velvert and Precott secured a recording contract form Sunshine Records which was formed by Michael Lang (founder and organizer for the Woodstock Festival). Prescott and Velvert moved to Los Angeles to record an album produced by Tom Wilson. They recorded at Record Plant studios with Jimi Hendix’s engineer Gary Kelgrin.

After finishing the album with Velvert, (Prescott also composed 3 songs on the record), Prescott hooked up with Arthur Lee (Love) and did concerts  and TV appearances with him. Prescott also played and recorded with Randy California (Spirit). Through another quirk of fate, Prescott was flown to England to play in a band with his L.A. friend and guitarist.

He lived in London for two years. Whilst in England he played with and befriended Jeff Beck, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) and other London notables. In 1975 Prescott moved back to Los Angeles.

In April of 1978 Prescott got a call from Bruce Gary, his good friend and the best drummer on the L.A. scene. Prescott had played with Bruce before but each time they came close to a deal, Bruce was flown back to England to continue his playing legacy with Jack Bruce (Cream).  Bruce called Prescott and said that the band that he was working with needed ‘a bass player with the looks of Paul McCartney and the chops of John Entwistle.  After the audition Prescott got the gig and the ‘The Knack’ was now complete.

Prescott was lucky to have had the rare privilege to work with George Harrison for the soundtrack “Shanghai Surprise” (starring Madonna and Sean Penn) , He will never forget working with such a fine man and brilliant musician, (let alone that he was a Beatle). Prescott also played with and did an album with Josie Cotton and was in the movie and soundtrack’ Valley Girl’, which became a cult classic for many rock music fans.

In addition to this, Prescott continued to write songs, teach, compose and has fathered three wonderful and and talented children, Noah, Liv and Gabe who play their music in many top clubs in Los Angeles.

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