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Spring Cleaning @ Omnivore!

Records (wide)

Omnivore Recordings is changing distributors and will be going worldwide in June.  So, they need to clean out the warehouse.  Lots of incredible deals, including the Havin’ A Rave Up and Rock & Roll Is Good For You CDs for only $5 each, and the clear vinyl version of Rock & Roll Is Good For You for only $9.  If you don’t […]

Doug and Sky Remembered

National Rock Review is a nationwide network of music photographers, concert reviewers, and music release reviewers who collaborate with the music industry to provide complete coverage for national, regional and local acts. Erik Heemsoth, a contributor to the website, recently wrote the following article about Doug and the first group he recorded with, Sky: Sky: A […]

In Memory of Shirley Lucille Fine

Prescott’s mother, Shirley “Lucille” Fine of Canoga Park, California passed away on February 4, 2014. In addition to her son, she is survived by her grandchildren, Noah, Olivia, and Gabe. Shirley is preceded in death by her husband, Sidney, and son, Lesley, both of blessed memory. Our deepest condolences go out to Prescott, who cared […]

Berton and Prescott Are “Rock Solid”

Earlier this month Berton and Prescott sat down with Pat Francis and Jimmy Pardo for an interview on Pat’s podcast, Rock Solid.  USA Today has called Rock Solid one of “Eight Great Music Podcasts”, having hosted such guests as Melissa Ethridge, John Waite, and Marshall Crenshaw .  And now that list includes The Knack! Ever […]

The Knack Featured in The Rhino Records Story

On October 22, 2013, Midpoint Publishers will release The Rhino Records Story, by Harold Bronson.  Harold is a longtime friend of The Knack, and as the co-founder of the Rhino Records label was responsible for the release of what many believe was The Knack’s best album, Zoom. While the Midpoint website describes the book as […]

Knack Tracks Rolled Back

Omnivore Recordings has decided to send Summer packing by making cuts and deep cuts in their webstore.  Starting today through September 22, take advantage of incredible deals on CD & vinyl Knack releases.  Havin’ A Rave Up: Live In Los Angeles is only $5 on CD.  Rock And Roll Is Good For You: The Fieger/Averre Demos […]

Prescott Niles at the Rock N Roll Autograph Show

Founded in 2012, the mission of The Rock n Roll Autograph Show is to pay it forward while celebrating the music of our lives We are proud to announce that Prescott Niles has joined an all-star list of rockers appearing at The Rock n Roll Autograph Show, in Los Angeles September 13-15, The Show, a […]

Knack CDs on Sale at Omnivore

  On the sixth day of Christmas (that’s December 22nd) Omnivore will take a crack (not the illegal kind) at filling your collection with The Knack (your CD collection, that is… if you collect actual musicians we don’t want to know about it).  Now throughDecember 30th you can get both Havin’ A Rave-Up and Rock & […]

Doug’s Legacy in the Hall of Fame

In the months following his death in 2010, representatives of the Estate of Doug Fieger sorted through boxes of his records in preparation to donate them to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library + Archives.  As his friends well know, Doug kept everything, and the collection was vast.  We are proud to announce […]

Welcome Home “Normal” and “Zoom”

Two classic Knack albums are once again available for digital download.  With the help of the great people at BFM Digital, these out-of-print albums Zoom (1998) and Normal as the Next Guy (2001) have been reissued online by Doug’s label, Zen Records.  It’s nice to have them back with the family.