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Doug’s Legacy in the Hall of Fame

In the months following his death in 2010, representatives of the Estate of Doug Fieger sorted through boxes of his records in preparation to donate them to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library + Archives.  As his friends well know, Doug kept everything, and the collection was vast.  We are proud to announce [...]

Welcome Home “Normal” and “Zoom”

Two classic Knack albums are once again available for digital download.  With the help of the great people at BFM Digital, these out-of-print albums Zoom (1998) and Normal as the Next Guy (2001) have been reissued online by Doug’s label, Zen Records.  It’s nice to have them back with the family.

Fieger/Averre Demos to be Released

Omnivore Recordings has announced they will release a new collection of rare and unreleased recordings by The Knack on September 11, 2012.  Consisting of demo recordings made in 1973 and 1975, The Knack Rock & Roll Is Good For You: The Fieger/Averre Demos takes listeners to the genesis of Doug Fieger and Berton Averre‘s songwriting and recording partnership – one [...]

Doug’s, Berton’s and “Joey’s Song”

The Knack is proud to participate in the August 14th charity release of Joey’s Song For Kids: Vol. 2 by donating a track on the CD, which raises funds for kids with special needs.  “The Spinning Song” has only been released previously as a bonus track on the Capitol Records 2001 reissue of Serious Fun.  Special thanks [...]

The Knack Takes You Back… to 1978

Maybe you were too young, or maybe you lived in the wrong city and never got to hear The Knack live.  But this April you will have the opportunity to go back in time… In 1978, radio and retail were engulfed in disco, and it seemed that the momentum wouldn’t stop. The year’s number one [...]

Jeff Johnson – The Knack’s Friend on the Road

We recently learned of the untimely passing of Jeff Johnson, Stage Manager for The Knack’s last decade on the road.  For his service and friendship Jeff was, and always will be considered family.  Our sympathy goes out to his wife, his parents and his children. In honor of his memory, Prescott has written a tribute [...]

For Jeff…..

  For Jeff ….. sadly it’s always that last conversation that stays with you & leaves that Indelible mark on your soul, it’s not so much the things that were said or not said, it’s the hidden thoughts & feelings that live betwixt the pauses & silences where the truth of that moment did reside. [...]

Prescott Niles Remembers… a lot!

Prescott recently sat down with Denise Ames for an in-depth interview on her show FOCUS IN THE MIX with Denise Ames. As the official Knack Historian, Prescott relates many interesting details from the early days of The Knack, as well as fond reminiscences of Doug and Bruce. We’re so grateful to Prescott and Denise for [...]

The Ides of November

The Ides of November to have or have not is the Shakespearean question, that is now newly defined, for the game has been too long fixed, and the need for change signals to Us that it’s about time! the prophets of our times no longer speak from lofty towers gleamed with gold. nor in the [...]

Get The Knack Again

We have just received confirmation that Get The Knack, is being rereleased by Iconoclassic Records. Focused on rock, pop, and R&B music of the 1970s and ’80s, Iconoclassic Records specializes in notable albums that have never been released on CD, as well as classic titles that have fallen out of print.  “Iconoclassic is run by [...]